Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dealing with Life's Surprises

I recently wrote about how my life hasn't turned out exactly how I planned. While that is definitely a poignant thought, the reality is that the thought doesn't really tell the entire story. Life is, in fact, full of surprises, but the question is "What kind of trail do we leave for those little abrupt differentiation from expectation?"

Sometimes, leaving a trail of carnage becomes something we will need to deal with several years later. Sometimes, having a positive exodus is something that will preserve us into the future. It is my belief that almost everyone prefers a lack of change and a maintenance of normalcy, and therefore, everyone would prefer to leave well.

There was a time in my life, where I believed that I would never again see The Master's Academy and I was completely fine with that. Nevertheless, last year, we needed to find a school for Jacob, as Kelly was struggling from some of the effects of Lyme Disease. When we came back, it was almost like going home. It turned out to be a wonderful homecoming!

I recently left Investors Real Estate in a move that was not fun for me. Yet, this week specifically, I am reaping the benefits of leaving well. One of their clients has decided to get a real estate license and they recommended my school.

The class seems to be going well, and ironically, I also have a student who is from a church that I left about eight years ago. I am excited that I do not have to sit around during this class and apologize for my past, and I am able to rest on the fact that while I made mistakes, those mistakes are not prohibiting me from relationships.

On the other hand, this week, I also had a relationship blow up, at least in part, because I over-reacted. One thing my wife has been telling me throughout the process is that I am only answerable for my actions and to take ownership of those. As long as I conduct myself the way I should, I do not have to answer for how everyone else handles the situation.

So, I am still learning that as life sends me surprise after surprise, I need to handle myself properly, regardless of what I perceive to be the issues anyone else has. When I do, I have already seen that the benefits come back to me. When I don't, I find that I need to take ownership of that, and then I feel much better.

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  1. Dude, when I saw the title here, I was hoping Kelly was pregnant. In that sense, this post was sort of a disappointment. :-) Incidentally, that is the first time I have ever been disappointed by your writing!