Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can Anyone Write Every Day?

Writer's Block. Clearly we can see that sometimes people who are attempting to write something cannot come up with something to write. While one may assume that this is the sign of a weak writer, there is evidence throughout history of great writers having a period of time where they could not write. But the question that begs to be asked is, "Why does it exist?"

Do we see great cooks having a period of time where they cannot cook? Do we have great designers going through a period of time where they just cannot come up with new designs? On the other hand, do we even see mediocre contributers to society in some way, go through a dark period where they just cannot produce whatever it is they produce?

While it does seem that writing is the area when we see this the most, all of creation is subject to the sabbath. God commands us to rest. God commands us to rest the land. There is strong support that taking a sabbatical for men in certain positions reaps immense benefits. Is it possible that the art of writing also falls into this trap?

I believe that writing is similar to these things! Resting of the land is where it takes a break from what it is actually intended to do to become sharper at what it does. Taking a sabbatical is much the same. Even a weekly sabbath where we take a break from what we do is something that makes us a better worker. If you do not believe me, try working with someone who hasn't had a day off in over a few months. They will not produce like they once did.

God's built-in design for a break, in my opinion, can be one of the primary reasons for writer's block. Writing is one of the very few things we can do in this world where the totality of who we are can come through. Someone writing can put forth their entirety into their work. There are very few other things in this life, where the totality of who we are can come through.

So when those who write need a break, maybe we should be more gracious and give them that break without hassle. Of course, once the sabbath of writer's block is over, we should expect high quality material. So, take your favorite blog writer, and when he takes a break from his schedule, give him time, then hold him to a higher standard!

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  1. Was someone hassling you for not being up to your usual blog output standard?