Friday, December 16, 2011

My life is the best! I hesitate to say that, not because I don't believe it (because I know it's true), but rather for fear of the potential reality that God may take it away from me. Knowing that suffering may be a reality, I am in a wonderful season of awesomeness. I have been blessed beyond comprehension when considering and realizing that I have a great job, a fantastic family, wonderful friends, and small blessings all over that are too numerous to count.

I recently read my friend's thoughts on


  1. Is this post really halted mid-sentence, or is there something wrong with my computer? And incidentally, I have always done the same thing - hesitated to talk about blessings because of the possible reality of impending suffering. But I think I took it too far because God said to me one time, "You fear the blessings I give you, thinking I will use them as weapons to take you down, and that is a wrong view of Me." It was really profound for me.

    1. No, this is an incomplete blog that I saved just because I linked to an article by Poston that all good people should read!

    2. I would read his article, but I have a problem with his language. (Just kidding, David!) You should post the rest of it!